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Maya First works to provide the Maya children with better educational opportunities, empowering them (and their families) with the necessary skills to prosper while taking a lead role in the preservation of their environment and their own strong, wondrous culture.

We believe that the future of the modern day Mayan people is in their children. Education is the key to helping the children to a better life. A proper, well-rounded education, stressing the fundamentals of mathematics, reading and writing skills, basic science and history will prepare the Mayan children for the challenges of life in the 21st century. We also believe that a good education will make them better citizens, granting them access to better jobs, greater prosperity and a better life. We want to encourage them to embrace the history of their culture and to find ways to express their knowledge of their own cultural heritage. We also realize that education isn’t just about learning, or acquiring skills or about history, but also how to protect their environment, which will help preserve their future.


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  • Shocking Destruction in Maya First's Rain Forest Preserve
    Shocking Destruction in Maya First's Rain Forest Preserve

    Our 50 acre Virgin Rainforest preserve was recently scarred when logging trespassed and cut down dozens of trees, clear cutting a large area. The men claimed to not know the boundaries and talk of planting Cocoa. That was the story they told after being confronted, but selling the timber was clearly their motivation.

    The Belize government has very limited resources and the poaching of timber is a big problem. The Maya First organization is working toward patrolling the land and vulnerable areas. When some of our Maya First Academy students get a little older, they may be enlisted as scouts to patrol and report this kind of destruction early so that it can be stopped in a timely manner.

    Written on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 03:06
  • A Failed Vision of Environmental Restoration
    A Failed Vision of Environmental Restoration

    On our recent visit, I went to look at a 37-acre property that recently came on the market. In the description, it stated that there was a pond and that it would be a good candidate for preservation. It is located a short drive into the bush, down a farming road, just north-west of the Beautiful mountain rimmed village of San Antonio. On the gate was a large, hand painted, tattered wooden sign stating the previous owner’s intention to "restore the vegetation system".

    Written on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 03:06

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About Maya First

Maya First is a US based non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Maya children with education, while preserving their rich culture and environment. Many cannot afford school past the third grade. Maya First is involved in many projects, such as, heritage cultural tourism, ethnobotanical research and tourism, reforestation, agroforestry, permaculture and developing bio-diesel from the Jatropha plant. We are attempting to create sustainable jobs in balance with the environment.

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